Dana Meagrow

HR Manager

BA, Psychology | University of Mississippi
15 Years of Experience | Bookkeeping/Human Resources

Dana Meagrow came to Addicus in 2012 with 15 years of human resource and bookkeeping experience. As the Human Resources Manager, she keeps many of Addicus’ internal gears turning, ensuring nothing distracts the team from giving clients the best.

Whether it be paying bills, collecting money, or sending billing information, Dana upholds the ideals of precision and excellence that Addicus adheres to. She makes sure that information gets where it needs to be, and on time.

“A high level of results and dedication are required of all the employees here, but we’re equally rewarded for such dedication. We do our work well, and we do it right.”

Contact vCard dana@weareaddicus.com 662.816.8244

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