We provide financial peace of mind

We coordinate the business of your life.

The staff at Addicus helps establish business enterprise strategy and investment strategy, organize your assets, protect your assets, mitigate risk, and plan for legacy succession. Our financial strategists, technical analysts, and data managers partner with your professional advisors — from CPAs and insurance providers to attorneys and investment advisors — to make every aspect of your financial life is pointing to your desired goal.

Your needs are your business. Your business is unique.

Whether it takes the form of estate planning, account restructuring, tax strategy, capital organization, or wealth protection, our staff starts with your final financial goals in mind and executes until your goals are realized.

Organizing What’s Yours

Your assets are underperforming because they’re poorly organized. Asset organization is the key to comfortable cash flow and overall wealth growth. The Addicus strategy team will assess every aspect of your financial life and organize what’s yours, from properties and investments to practices and corporations, to make sure you have the operating cash flow you need each month while maximizing the potential of your enterprise and investment strategy.

Protecting What’s Yours

You are losing wealth due to poor asset management and oversight. Structure is key to avoiding unnecessary fees, taxes, and penalties. Strategies must be put in place to provide insurance against creditor exposure, lawsuits, bankruptcy or divorce. Addicus’s team of strategists works with your professional team to keep your wealth safe from taxes, competing interests, and mismanagement.

Growing Your Enterprise

When your assets aren’t growing, you’re losing money. The team of strategists at Addicus always has its eyes on what’s yours, ensuring your assets are poised to grow over time and maximize your overall wealth output.

Building Your Legacy

Your legacy is not inevitable. Whether you’re trying to maximize the efficiency of your charitable contribution, prepare for a comfortable retirement, or pass the wealth you’ve worked so hard to build on to the next generation, the team of strategists at Addicus will ensure your wealth and legacy are preserved and carried out the way you envision.

We serve all of your financial
needs and wants.