Private Equity


The Private Equity Story

Addicus Private Equity began as a derivative of the Addicus Family Office services that we have been offering since inception. Many of the families we work with are constantly looking at private investment opportunities, and or to create private investment opportunities of their own. As we worked with our families, they began asking us to be a second set of eyes around developing, vetting, and sourcing these transactions.

In the beginning, we would scope out a project and charge a fee for completing due diligence and related work on these potential investments. As the demand for these services grew, we hired internal analysts as well as external experts to assist us with the relevant examination, modeling, and stress testing of these investments. As time passed and our families continued to have more success, we were asked to help vet larger and more complex projects. Eventually, these projects grew to a scale where families would ask us if we were interested in participating in the capital stack of these investments, or if we could help them by bringing in other families who might be interested.

Our business model was then developed organically. After discussing how Addicus might handle this moving forward, we asked those families to let us continue to do their analysis on a fee basis. However, if we thought the opportunity was something that should be offered to the other families in the Family Office, we would work out a financial arrangement on that part of the transaction. This seemed to work very well for all involved, and it was adopted as our model. To date, we have completed numerous transactions, mainly on behalf of the families we work with and the relationships that they have in the business community. These have ranged from technology companies, mining opportunities, speculative land, multi-family housing projects, senior living facilities, hotels, as well as investments in other types of real estate.

We have seen that there is a great demand in the marketplace for high-quality private investments from ultra-high net worth families. Most of these families operate ongoing businesses and are more interested and understand the risks and reward around private direct investing versus being part of a large securitized investment fund. The team and leadership of Addicus Private Equity have worked very hard to provide extremely high-quality opportunities for our families and share them with one another as well as outside investors. As we move into the future, we are adding additional capabilities, both internally and externally, to not only help us continue to vet these private investment opportunities but to make the experience of investing and receiving reporting around these investments as user friendly as possible. We are extremely committed to our families continuing to grow their wealth in unique ways that they cannot always find in the public markets. We are committed to this space and growing these investment opportunities into the future.