We provide financial peace of mind

Success Starts With Strategy

When you and your professional advisors make decisions without a central driving strategy, your disparate efforts are costing you in tax liability and overall wealth reduction. Strategy must drive all decisions or your wealth will suffer.

Confidence and Control

The proactive financial strategies developed by the Addicus team give you the confidence and control over your money you’ve always wanted. Just like your businesses needs a CFO, your personal enterprise requires a financial advisor at the helm to guide your personal financial strategy. Addicus’s team of strategists is here to help you set actionable strategies that will better organize, protect, and grow your wealth.

Our process is complex, but through it we achieve unmatched results.

Addicus Advisory

Addicus Advisory, LLC is a truly independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that seeks to brings world-class asset managers together in order to serve our clients. Our model has never been to manage assets directly for our clients but to seek out the best solutions in the marketplace and make them available to families and individuals who work with us. Our role is to work in a fiduciary capacity on behalf of our clients, which means that, as always, we are required to put our client’s interests first as well as having an ongoing duty of care to monitor their assets for changes in their financial situation.
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