Stephen Miles

Chief Investment Officer, Founder

Stephen and Drew met in 2003, when they both worked for the same financial planning firm in Memphis. In 2012, their paths crossed again, and they started Addicus shortly after. Their early days largely revolved around conception and discernment.

“We were starting from a blank slate, so we knew we could control everything and deliver our services the way we’d always wanted to. That’s a thing we’re still figuring out. We wanted to be different, and we achieved that.”

Most advisors only conceptualize or only complete their individual job in their client’s overall financial picture. They aren’t proactive. Furthermore, the client is caught playing coordinator between his or her advisors, which is simply not the best use of the client’s time.

“And clients give themselves a very low grade at playing that part. They want someone who understands the complexities of the world, yet the realities of their enterprise. We help clients discern a destination, and we know how to get them there. We pride ourselves on execution.”

Stephen’s favorite part of his job is bringing goals to reality that his clients didn’t think were possible–especially when clients have been told by other advisors that the consequences of those goals would be too high.

“When we find a way to get our clients where they want to be, and they say, ‘I couldn’t have done that without you,’ I know we ve done our job.”

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