Drew Adams

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Drew Adams has never been one who simply goes along with the status quo, and there’s no greater challenge that than someone telling him he can’t do something.

After the Birmingham native earned his MBA from the University of Mississippi in 2002, Drew was asked to join a prestigious financial planning firm by a well-respected mentor in Memphis. As a junior associate of this firm, he met future Addicus co-founder Stephen Miles at that time.  Drew immersed himself in learning everything he could about financial products, business, economics, tax, and many other topics related to things that affected his clients. Over time, he realized small business owners had a voracious appetite for advice having nothing to do with financial products.  These entrepreneurs were seeking advise on their business deals, tax affairs, banking activities, etc.  What he saw them valuing more than anything was having a trusted advisor to give them holistic executable strategy in a way that takes their entire personal financial enterprise and their personal objectives into consideration.

“Most of the CPAs, bankers, investment managers, and lawyers operate in their own domain, and they often have a hard seeing things from a different perspective.  Also, if they haven’t done something 100 times, they may have a real discomfort with it. “No, you can’t” frequently becomes the default reaction, because most advisors would rather tell a client they can’t do something than tell them they can and turn out to be wrong. That’s irritated me since the dawn of my career. I want to take the absolute opposite approach and be an advocate for the client.”

Drew and Stephen crossed paths again in 2012 and formed Addicus shortly thereafter. They soon found many clients who came through the doors were victims of their own success, who started their business with one small bank account that grew into a multi-million-dollar enterprise with a formidable set of complexities.

“Most clients will tell you, ‘I don’t have a strategy, I’ve just been doing stuff.’ If a client isn’t intentional, they won’t know there’s a problem until it smacks them in the face. In our line of work, there are no do-overs. The thing I love best is creating, taking a problem they don’t see, or they think is unsolvable, and figuring out a creative solution that has a myriad of benefits.”

The evolution of Addicus has been driven by that passion. If you’re a prospective client, your story has been allowed to write itself up until now. Addicus will help you take control.

Are you ready to manage your business, and stop letting your business manage you?

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